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Tour # 5- Battle Harbour
Old Restored Fishing Community
Flight Time: 3 hr's                       Price: Contact Mountain Air 

What was once the fishing capitol of Labrador, has now been restored as a tourist attraction and national historic site. The community, which is accessible only by air or water  is now a restored 19th century fishing village. Located just North of the Strait of Belle Isle on a small island in the Labrador sea,  Battle Harbour is an ideal destination for the adventure tourist interested in history, nature, rugged and spectacular scenery.

The waterfront buildings are reminiscent of an era now past, but retain the sights and smells of years gone by and an impressive collection of fishery-related artifacts. An interpretation center tells the story of the community and its people. The ocean vistas and craggy rock outcrops are a dramatic backdrop for the small wooden church and houses that dot the landscape. Battle Harbour's hub is the wharf and waterfront premises: rustic, wooden and shingle-clad buildings erected by English and Newfoundland-based merchants in the late 18th and 19th centuries. The waterfront was the setting of much bustle and activity - the landing of marine resources harvested by local fishers, the processing of cod, salmon, seals and herring, the production of barrels, the packaging of fish products, the mending of nets, and everywhere, salt fish, salt fish, and more salt fish. 

This small fishing community  is one of the last great links to our past. Your journey begins as you fly 150 miles / 240 km's up the North West Coast of Newfoundland across the Strait of Belle Isle to Labrador one of the last great wilderness frontiers on earth. The tour offers two options 1) Scenic flight of Battle Harbour 2) Visit  the community.  For further information on what Battle Harbour has to offer visit. 

Mountain Air Adventures Ltd. scenic air tours & charter service

Tour # 6 - Coastline
Carved by the fierce North Atlantic
Flight Time:                             Costal North - 1hr 45 min         Costal South - 1hr 30 min        Labrador Coast - 2 hrs            Price: Contact Mountain Air 

Come along as we explore the rugged  Newfoundland & Labrador coastline. Magnificently carved over thousands of years by the fierce pounding of the cold North Atlantic. Traverse over the many small communities nestled in it's wind swept harbour's and coves.  Amongst the waves view many small fishing boats from the local out ports still earning a living from the sea as generations before them. The shipwrecks that lie on the shores pay tribute to the unforgiving power of the North Atlantic. The tour offers three options   Costal North, Fly north of Port Aux Choix to Big Brook with option to continue on to Lance Au Meadows (World heritage site) 120 miles / 190 km's.   Costal South , Fly south of Port Aux Choix to Gros Morn  (World heritage site) 70 miles / 110 km's.   Labrador Coast,  Fly over the Strait of Belle Isle to the North East Coast of Labrador up to Red Bay. (National historic site) 100 miles / 160 km's.

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