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Tour # 3 - Iceberg Alley
One of the worlds best places to view Icebergs
Flight Time: 2hr's 20 min                     Price: Contact Mountain Air           

Each spring the Labrador current   brings with it the annual migration of majestic icebergs. From April to July icebergs ranging  from bergy bits the size of a car, to mountains of ice hundreds of feet high, weighing millions of tons and thousands of years old, drift south from the high Artic and Greenland passing by Newfoundland & Labrador. This is known as Iceberg Alley one of the  best places in the world to view theses giant marvels of nature. Our flight offers  you a view of icebergs along the remote coast that are otherwise inaccessible. Discover 180 miles / 300 km's of wild  Newfoundland & Labrador coast. 


Mountain Air Adventures Ltd. scenic air tours & charter service

Tour # 4 - Wildlife
One of the largest Moose populations in the world
Flight Time: 1hr 30 min             Price: Contact Mountain Air

Fly the country side in search of Newfoundland's largest land animals the Moose, Caribou and Black Bear. Newfoundland is known to have one of the largest moose populations in the world 50,000 strong with the biggest portion located on the Great Northern Peninsula. In the early morning late evening's these magnificent animals can be seen grazing in the  remote fields and valleys. We cover 100 miles / 160 km's in total over the low lands of the Long Range Mountains through the lakes, valleys and open marshes. This vast wilderness is yours to discover.

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