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Mountain Air Adventures offers an unforgettable journey the moment you lift off.  For a tour that will not soon be forgotten, come take a trip to the heart and soul of Newfoundland & Labrador. Traverse  the Long Range Mountains and view a rugged landscape 10,000 years older than the Rockies. Visit Iceberg Alley, witness majestic icebergs that stand hundreds of feet tall.  Experience the 500 million year old table lands so rich in magnesium they look like the surface of the moon. Another tour option may be to view the local wildlife, Moose and Caribou. The Northern Peninsula has one of the largest moose populations in the world. 

Newfoundland & Labrador's majestic beauty is unlimited. So remote 90% can only be accessed by aircraft. Got some place you like to visit, Let us know.

We use high wing Cessna  aircraft which offer each passenger a window seat and an unobstructed view. There is a maximum of three person's per flight.

Individual headsets connect to an intercom system which facilitates conversation and allows your pilot to provide an informative commentary en route. Your pilots are year round residents and have an in-depth knowledge of the area.

Tour # 1 - Long Range Mountains
10,000 years older that the Rockies
Flight Time: 1hr 30 min                Price: Contact Mountain Air

Discover the Long Range Mountains and witness how eons of glacial erosion and internal upheaval carved a landscape as a monument to how the earth looked millions of years ago.  Our flight takes us 95  miles / 170 km's along this rugged landscape, where we have a close up view of Massive rock faces,  Towering mountains, Huge lakes and rivers. Majestic scenery that has only been witnessed by a select few.  Amongst this rugged  beauty there is an abundance of wildlife to complete the picture. This flight lets you see places that are only accessible by aircraft.

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Tour # 2 - 500 million year old Tablelands
Barren Mountains of rock from ocean floor
Flight Time: 1 hr 50 min      Price: Contact Mountain Air

Continue along the Rugged North West coast to Gros Morn and view the Table Lands in its entirety. Although the Table Lands are one of the worlds best examples of rock only found deep beneath the ocean floor and considered to be one of the top attractions in Gros Morn National Park. It is only possible to view a small portion of it from the highway. We cover 95 miles / 175 km's in total and also see the rugged coastline and the many small communities  nestled in its wind swept harbour's and coves. View some of the most inaccessible areas of Gros Morn National Park along the way. This vast wilderness is yours to discover.

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