There are four main species of sport fish in Newfoundland, Canada. The most popular being the Atlantic Salmon. Many tourist visiting Newfoundland and Labrador enjoy fishing for this exceptionally challenging species. There are excellent numbers of this species in Newfoundland and Labrador rivers and anglers, both resident and non-resident, enjoy the challenge of fishing Atlantic Salmon in these prestine waters.

Second most common species sought in Newfoundland and Labrador rivers are Trout. There are several types of trout caught here including Brook, Rainbow and Brown. However the most common of these are the Brook Trout. Large Lake trout are caught in Labrador which have made record books. Labrador is known world wide for its abundance of large lake trout.

Arctic Char are found in only a few rivers on the island of Newfoundland but are in great abundance in Labrador. Like trout, these species have reached record book marks in Labrador. Many outfitters offer arctic char fishing at remote lodges where there is an abundance of this species.


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