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Moose Hunting
Moose Hunting (General)
Moose hunting in Newfoundland offers big game hunters probably the highest success rates of all the worlds big game hunts. Each year moose hunters come to Newfoundland to hunt one of the worlds most majestic biggame animals, and normally return home tagged out. The average animal success rates for moose hunting in Newfoundland is between 88 and 90%.

The landscape is a haven for wildlife, especially moose. Moose find its home in the low lying wooded valleys which are located from coast to coast on the island portion of the province. Who would have thought that a moose imported to Newfoundland in 1904 could have established itself so great that it now has the most dense population in North America.

Moose Hunting Facts:

  • The population estimates for moose in Newfoundland is between 120.000 and 150.000 animals.
  • Non-Resident hunting licences are available only through a professional licenced hunting outfitter.The average number of moose licences per hunting lodge is about 15 and most hunting outfitters sell licences on a first come, first serve basis.Non-Resident moose hunters can only hunt with a professional licenced guide. Non-Guided hunts are not legal in Newfoundland.
  • There are approximately 30.000 moose licences issued annually in Newfoundland and approximately 10% is issued to licenced hunting outfitters for resell.
  • An average Antler size for Newfoundland moose is 40 inches 15 points.
  • The main diet of moose is aqautic plants however they have striven on browse and shrubs in Newfoundland.
  • Moose have a very keen sense of hearing and hunters must be very quiet and patient while hunting.
  • The prime time for moose hunting is dusk and dawn. This is when they do most of their traveling.
  • A minimum of a 243 caliber rifle is required for moose hunting in Newfoundland, but a minimum of 270 caliber is recomended.
  • During mating saeson, moose can be called within 50 yards by an experienced hunting guide.
  • Moose are often spotted near a treeline adjacent to a small open bog.
  • It is important to shoot for the vital areas of a moose since they are huge animals and dont always fall on the first shot.
  • The majority of non-resident moose hunters that hunt in Newfoundland each year are from the eastern seaboard of the united states.
  • Moose hunting guides are often required to pack the meat back to the hunting lodge.
  • Most moose hunting guides in Newfoundland and Labrador are moose hunters themselves.
  • Moose in Newfoundland have no predators.
  • There are no game ranches for moose in Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Many Newfoundland moose hunting outfitters attend sports shows in the united states annually.
  • The scientific name for moose is alces alces.
  • Moose is the largest member of the deer family.
  • Moose pose a threat to drivers in Newfoundland, especially in National Parks.
  • It is estimated that 200-300 moose are killed on highways each year.
  • It is illegal to hunt any big game in Newfoundland and Labrador on Sunday.
  • It is reccommended that moose hunters wear blaze orange while hunting in Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • It is illegal to hunt any big game more than 30 minutes before sunrise and more than 30 minutes after sunset.
  • Moose are not native to Newfoundland, They were introduced to the island in 1904 from New Brunswick.
  • Moose meat is delicious to eat.(the taste resembles beef.)
  • The female calves once a year and usually carries 1 or 2 offspring.
  • Mating season for moose is near the last of September to mid October.




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