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Whether you are interested in moose hunting, caribou hunting, or black bear hunting, Newfoundland and Labrador outfitters provide some of the best hunting grounds available in Canada. Some of the outfitters provide hunting opportunities for game birds, namely ptarmigan and ruffed grouse. For a complete list of Canada's top rated "online" hunting outfitters (Click Here)

Moose Hunting
Eastern Canada Moose
Caribou Hunting
Woodland and Barren Ground
Bear Hunting
Black Bear (Spring and Fall)

The tremendously diverse landscape of Newfoundland and Labrador is a heaven for moose hunters. Moose find their homes in the low lying wooded valleys located from coast to coast on the island portion of the province. Who would have thought that four (4) moose, imported to the island from New Brunswick in 1904, would establish itself so great that it now has the most dense population in North America. (More Info)

Woodland Caribou can be found at roadside in fairly large herds throughout the province. The caribou is one of Canada's most popular big game species, but in few places are they so fearless of humans. The barrenground caribou of Labrador are part of the world's largest herd. The barren land here, with its abundance of lichens, makes an incredible stopover for the migrating herds of Canada's North. (More Info)

Bear hunting in Newfoundland and Labrador, you won't find the highest success rates found anywhere, but you will find some of the largest Black Bear on Earth. According to wildlife biologist black bear here have weighed in at 312 kilograms (687 lbs). Because Labrador is so sparsely populated and low hunting pressure, Black bear seems to be more plentiful than on the island. (More Info)
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GameBird Hunting
Spruce Grouse and Ptarmigan
Small Game Hunting
Snowshoe and Arctic Hare
Waterfowl Hunting
Canada Geese, Ducks, Mallards

Ptarmigan, close relatives of the grouse, live in alpine areas throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. There are three kinds of ptarmigan but the Willow Ptarmigan is most common here. They are found in abundance in the high, treeless country near the Mountains.

Snowshoe hare is one of the most common small game species in Newfoundland. This animal is very fast and can provide an exceptional challenge to some of the best shooters. If hunters want to catch the snowshoe by snaring, guides will help with the setup.

The migratory bird-hunting season extends from the first Monday in October to mid-December. Almost all our birds migrate from Labrador and are a common local sight as early as late August. Visitors must hold a Federal Migratory Game Permit, as well as a Newfoundland and Labrador Non-Resident License.
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