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Whether you are interested in salmon fishing, trout fishing, or arctic char fishing, Newfoundland outfitters provide some of the best sportfishing available in the country. Some of the outfitters provide sportfishing for northern pike, lake trout and ouananiche. For a complete list of Canada's top rated "online" fishing outfitters (Click Here)

Salmon Fishing
Atlantic Salmon
Brook Trout Fishing
Eastern Brook Trout
Arctic Char Fishing
Arctic Char

Newfoundland and Labrador salmon fishing- Atlantic Salmon fishing in Newfoundland and Labrador is a dream any avid sportsman would want to fulfill. The challenging Atlantic Salmon Strive in the numerous rivers of this vast land and await the change of temperature to breed. Then returns to the ocean for another season. (more info)

Brook Trout fishing is probably the fastest growing outdoor sport in Newfoundland and Labrador. It's not until recently that avid fishermen have realized the joy and excitement involved in brook trout fishing. The crystal clear water in the rivers of Newfoundland and Labrador makes a great home for this flamboyant fish species. (more info)

Arctic Char fishing in Newfoundland and Labrador is restricted to certain areas and rivers, especially on the island. While the colder temperatures of the rivers in Labrador attracts thousands of Arctic Char annually. Newfoundland rivers are less frequented by this species. The northern half of the island is reasonably good for Arctic Char fishing. (more info)
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Lake Trout Fishing
Northern Lake Trout
Northern Pike
Northern Pike
Ouananiche Fishing
Land Locked Salmon

Normally considered a deep-water fish, in certain areas of Labrador large numbers of lake trout are concentrated in shallow, fast flowing water for most of the season, where they offer fly-fishermen and light tackle enthusiasts the unusual opportunity to tangle regularly with 15 to 25 lb. lakers. (more info)

The Alligator of the North is a relatively easy gamefish to catch due to its predatory habits. The best lures are big spoons, spinners and jerkbaits, but pike will attack any artificial that looks big enough for a meal. (source:

Ouananiche are a land locked salmon that have adapted to life in lakes. Ocean going Atlantics, live out their lives in the Atlantic Ocean as far away as Greenland before returning to the inland rivers of North America to spawn.  
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