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As the name suggest, Arctic Char is not common to southern waters. They strive in rivers that have very cold temperatures such as those in Labrador. However some rivers on the island of Newfoundland also have large stocks of Arctic Char.

Arctic Char fishing in Newfoundland and Labrador is restricted to certain areas and rivers, especially on the island. While the colder temperatures of the rivers in Labrador attracts thousands of Arctic Char annually. Newfoundland rivers are less frequented by this species. The northern half of the island is reasonably good for Arctic Char fishing but as you progress northward it generally becomes better.

Outfitters in Labrador are notorious for the large number of Arctic Char retrieved at there fishing lodges annually. Probably one of the best Arctic Char fishing areas on the globe is in Labrador, Canada. World record Arctic Char has been reprieved in these waters and some rivers are literally teeming with this interesting fish.

There are very few outfitters in Newfoundland and Labrador that specialize in Arctic Char fishing. Most fishing outfitters offer Arctic Char fishing as an add on to Atlantic Salmon or Trout.












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