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Snowmobile Excursion 2001 - Long Range Mountains

Long Range Snowmobile excursion (2001) Myself (Norm Payne) and five other snowmobiling enthusiast, namely, LaMont Thornhill, Paul Brown, Eugene Reid, Wilfred Brown and Rex Hutchings departed Cow Head, Newfoundland at approximately 8:00 AM on Wednesday, March 21st/2001.

Day One
Our first stop was Inner Lune Pond which would be our home base for the next three days. The lodge was owned in part by three of the crew and it provided us with all of the comforts expected from an outdoor wilderness facility. The first day of our excursion took us to a tour of the southern parts of the Long Range Mountains, very close to the boundaries of Gros Morne National Park. We visited Long Pond, which was nearby our lodge, and from there headed west to Arm Pond and further west to the head of St. Pauls Bay. The scenery and snow conditions were unbelievable. From here we made a circle to St. Pauls Big Pond and followed the river into the Main River Lodge and a few other beautiful lodges located on the Main River system. After touring some 100 kms we took a forest access road in the Eagle Mountain area and followed that to Island Pond and experienced first hand the timber harvesting operations ongoing along the Main River. We returned to the lodge at approximately 6:30 PM to the tune of a great feast which had been prepared by our friend and Camp Master Claude White, and his son Lyman. Everyone enjoyed our meal and rehearsed the days events over a few drinks. The quietness and tranquility of the outdoor environment here in this country is beyond your imagination.

Day Two
Day two of our excursion led us to the mountainous and scenic area of Freaks Pond and Four Ponds located some 20 miles east of Parsons Pond. From here we crossed over Six Island Pond and followed George's Gulch into Woody Pond. Located just a short distance from here is a pond known by locals as "Tower Pond". This pond is host great winter fishing opportunities. However, you must come prepared. Our Ice Hogger was not long enough to cut through the ice, as Claude had told us before we left the Lodge. (Thanks LaMonte and Paul). After we realized that ice fishing was not in our power, we then visited Leader Lake and the beautiful country side associated with the Long Hill. Eugene took waypoints on GPS of all the lodges located along our route. He felt it was necessary in case he returned to the area some day and the weather was not so pleasant as we enjoyed. From the Long Hill we took Keough's Waters to John Joe's Steady. Along our route we happened to run across two moose, which were certainly not camouflaged, but had their own way of hiding near the river bed in the bushy foliage that surrounded the river. Further down river we stopped for lunch at a lodge located on John Joe's Steady. This area is believed to have been named after one of the last remaining Indians to inhabit the area in the late 1800's. The lodge was completely covered in snow. We could have driven over the lodge on snowmobile without doing any damage. Estimates at the amount of snowfall were eight to ten feet. After eating our lunch we continued on towards the Main River and visited Arluk Tilt. This is an area known throughout Canada for its excellent Autumn sport fishing. We linked up with the Main River and followed it westerly back to Four Ponds and visited a hunting lodge located at the head of one of the ponds. The picturesque country side in this area was amazing to all of us as we continued westerly back to Freaks Pond and Five Island Pond. Just over the ridge from Five Island Pond we came upon seven caribou and saw an abundance of fresh moose tracks. Pictures of the animals an scenery were taken and we continued to Eastern Brook Pond, located approximately eight kilometers west of our Lodge. We stopped here and talked briefly of our days events and continued back to the Lodge. Upon arrival at the Lodge we noticed that the Camp Master, who had now left the Lodge, once again had lunch prepared. After supper we gathered around the table and Rex and Wilfred played Cribbage while the remainder of us talked about the events of the day.

Day Three
We had talked to home on day two via cellular telephone and were advised of an oncoming snow storm an bad weather. It was in our best interest to return home before the storm set in. We got up at seven in the morning, Paul and LaMonte cooked breakfast, I did the dishes, Rex cleaned up camp and Eugene and Wilfred got firewood. At approximately 10:30 AM we departed camp for home; an end to one of the best snowmobiling excursions of my lifetime. Everything was excellent from, the weather, snow conditions, the company, the lodge, and most importantly the beautiful countryside of the Long Range Mountains. The End

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