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NLOA - Newfoundland / Labrador Outfitters Association Members
Adventure North Ltd moose, caribou, bear 1-902-835-8033
Angus Wentzell's Hunting & Fishing Camps moose, caribou, bear 1-709-634-2347
Beaullieu's Caribou Hunts caribou, bear 1-709-579-2563
Big River Camps Inc moose, bear, caribou 1-709-686-2242
Blue Mountain Outfitters moose, caribou, bear 1-709-243-7278
Caines Adventure Outfitters moose, caribou, bear 1-709-635-4381
Cal's Hunting and Fishing moose, caribou, bear 1-709-647-3378
Caribou Pond Outfitting moose, caribou, bear 1-709-679-5429
Coopers Minipi Camps atlantic salmon, trout 1-709-896-2891
Cormier Country Ltd moose, bear, caribou 1-709-466-2802
Crabbes River Outfitters bear, caribou, moose 1-709-955-2157
Drovers Labrador Outfitters caribou, moose, bear 1-709-944-6947
Eagle Lake Trout Lodge atlantic salmon, trout 1-709-543-2274
Efford's Hunting Adventures caribou, bear, moose 1-709-543-2274
Expeditions North caribou, bear 1-877-601-3733
Gander River Outfitters Inc moose, bear 1-709-753-9163
Gander River Tours moose, bear, caribou 1-709-679-2271
Grande Hermine Adventures caribou, bear 1-709-944-1029
Grey River Lodge Ltd moose, bear, caribou 1-709-466-7816
Hideaway Lodge moose, bear 1-709-489-3085
Hinterland Outfitting Ltd caribou, moose, bear 1-709-258-5826
I. Patey and Sons moose, caribou, bear 1-709-225-5112
IronBound Outfitters bear, caribou, moose 1-709-243-2199
Island Safaris bear, moose, caribou 1-709-673-4230
Island View Cabins moose, bear 1-709-852-4266
Kindens Quin Lake Outfitters moose, caribou 1-709-468-7557
Lake Douglas Hunting and Fishing moose, caribou, bear 1-709-895-2330
Labrador 2BG Adventure Inc bear, caribou 1-709-886-2966
Labrador Hunting Safari caribou, bear 1-902-483-3487
Log Cabin Lodge moose, bear 1-709-646-5177
Long Range Outfitters moose, caribou, bear 1-709-645-2789
Mayflower Outfitters bear, moose, caribou 1-709-457-2328
Main River Lodge moose, caribou, bear 1-709-634-8855
Mitchell's Pond Hunting and Fishing moose, caribou, bear 1-709-639-3036
Main River Safari moose, caribou, bear 1-709-686-2325
Moose Country Adventures moose, caribou, bear 1-709-457-2911
Miron River Outfitters caribou, bear 1-709-944-7503
Moosehill Cabins Ltd moose, black bear 1-709-955-2636
Moose Valley moose, caribou, bear 1-709-681-2115
Mount Peyton Outfitters moose, bear, caribou 1-709-258-6374
Mountain Top Cabin moose 1-709-955-2207
Newfoundland Adventures Ltd bear, caribou, moose 1-709-686-2810
Northern Arm Lodge atlantic salmon, trout 1-709-866-2271
Newfoundland Wilderness Outfitters Inc moose, caribou, bear 1-709-489-7829
Northern Big Game Adventures moose, caribou, bear 1-709-898-2224
Northwoods Ventures Outfitting bear, caribou, moose 1-709-639-9694
O'Quinn's Outfitters moose, black bear 1-709-955-2734
Ocean Side Country Lodge moose, black bear 1-709-483-2002
Owl's Nest Lodge moose, caribou, bear 1-709-368-9013
Parson's Pond Outfitters moose, bear, caribou 1-709-243-7207
Pine Ridge Lodge and Wilderness Tours moose, bear, caribou 1-709-782-0979
Portland Creek Outfitters moose, caribou, bear 1-709-898-2328
Rifflin Hitch Lodge atlantic salmon, trout 1-709-634-2000
Ray's Hunting and Fishing Lodge moose, caribou, bear 1-709-635-3628
River Run Outfitting and Tours Ltd moose, bear, caribou 1-709-535-8770
Roberts' Outfitting bear, caribou 1-709-635-2251
Rock Camp Outfitters  moose, caribou, bear 1-709-243-7208
Ryan's Hunting moose, bear, caribou 1-709-955-2845
Sam's Hunting and Fishing Camps bear, moose, caribou 1-709-898-2535
Sandy Lake Lodge caribou, moose, bear 1-709-677-3487
Sandhill River Lodge atlantic salmon, trout 1-802-865-8000
Serpentime Valley Outfitters moose, bear 1-709-789-2935
Snowshoe Lake Hunting and Fishing Inc moose, caribou, bear 1-905-840-6926
Spruce Pond Outfitting moose, caribou, bear 1-709-681-2804
Steel Mountain Lodge bear, caribou, moose 1-877-734-0435
Ten Mile Lake Outfitters moose, caribou 1-709-456-2866
Thorburn Aviation Ltd caribou, moose, bear 1-709-466-7046
Trophy Hunts Inc moose, caribou, bear 1-709-579-8055
Tuckamore Lodge caribou, moose, bear 1-709-865-6361
Viking Trail Outfitters moose, caribou, bear 1-709-861-3323
West Woods Outfitters moose, caribou 1-709-643-4217
Where-Ya-Wannabee Outfitters Lodge moose, black bear 1-709-634-8183
White Feather Lodge bear, moose, caribou, 1-709-673-4868
Wilderness Horizons moose, black bear 1-709-635-5946
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