Upland Game Bird Hunting - Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
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Game Bird Hunting - Newfoundland, Canada ..
hunting outfitters Willow Ptarmigan and Grouse - Game Bird Hunting in Newfoundland and Labrador, CanadaOutfitters
bird hunting - Newfoundland, Canada
Bird Hunting - Newfoundland, Canada - Ironbound Outfitters
bird hunting - Newfoundland, Canada

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The bird hunting trip you have dreamt about! Newfoundland
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Game Bird hunting at Ironbound Outfitters occurs only in alternate years to allow rebuilding of populations.

hunting outfitters Ptarmigan hunt/six days w/dogs$1400US-1500US discounts available for groups and late bookings some dates still available for 2014

Newfoundland's most sought after upland game bird is the Ptarmigan. With the season traditionally opening mid-September, ptarmigan hunting is normally combined with fall big game hunting at Ironbound Lake Lodge.

Ptarmigan can be found in abundant numbers, just walking distance from the lodge during the entire hunting season, which runs well into winter. During September and October even more birds come to our area from the surrounding highlands, to feed upon the bounty of ripe fall berries which are plentiful in our area. Ptarmigan, close relatives of the grouse, live in alpine areas throughout Newfoundland.

There are three kinds of ptarmigan but the Willow Ptarmigan is most common here. They are found in abundance in the high, treeless country near Ironbound Mountain. Ptarmigan look just like small grouse, weighing from 10 1/2 ounces to 1 1/2 pounds (0.3-0.7 kg) except that their toes are feathered, their wings are white all year, and they have pure white body plumage in winter.

Ironbound Outfitters has recently initiated a policy of bird hunting only in alternate years. This allows the population of game birds to re-establish after a year of good bird hunting.

mid-Sept. to the begining of December for shooting
mid-October to mid-February for snaring

Bag limits:
-maximum of twelve per hunter/day
-maximum of twenty four per hunter/possession

Ptarmigan and Grouse - Bird hunting in Newfoundland, Canada

Ptarmigan hunting is fun.You hunting outfittersnever know what to expect from one trip to the next. On opening day you tramp through colorful thickets of willow and dwarf birch, your dog nosing coveys of brown birds out of the brush while you mop your brow and wish you hadn’t put on a sweater. Late in September, after facing a strong, cold wind for several fruitless hours, you top out on a rocky ridge and suddenly find yourself surrounded by several hundred stretch-necked, pinto-patterned ptarmigan.

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