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Moose Hunting - Newfoundland, Canada!! ..
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moose hunting - Newfoundland, Canada
Moose Hunting - Newfoundland, Canada - Ironbound Outfitters
moose hunting - Newfoundland, Canada

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The moose hunting trip you have dreamt about! Newfoundland
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Ironbound Outfitters has one of the best success rates for Newfoundland moose hunting among all outfitters.

Have you ever seen a bull moose moving swiftly through the forest? Would you like to see one? These huge animals, the largest living members of the deer family constitute one of Newfoundland's greatest wildlife assets. The tourist, pausing with his family by a Newfoundland lake, thrills at the sight of a moose feeding quietly in the wilderness. The hunter, escaping from the pressures of business and urban living, finds solitude, excitement and the feel of the wild when hunting for the mighty moose.

Moose is the largest member of the deer family. Mature males sometimes weigh up to 1500 pounds. Moose were introduced to the province of Newfoundland in 1904, and because of the excellent forage have increased their numbers to 120,000. Many areas of the province boast the highest moose densities in the world. A large bull moose, standing higher than a large saddle horse and sporting a massive antler display can be an imposing and challenging quarry.

The mating period for moose, considered by many hunters the most successful time for hunting, runs from late September to early November. Notwithstanding the rut period, some of the very best times for hunting moose is after the rut, during the latter part of November. Newfoundland moose are classified as "Eastern Canadian." Though generally smaller in body and antler size than their Alaskan cousins, Newfoundland moose are no less challenging to hunt.

That experience can be yours by hunting with us during the Newfoundland moose hunting season. At Ironbound Outfitters we pride ourselves in thinking that we have some of the best moose hunting available. Our 18 years of commitment and experience in offering moose hunting & our history of happy guests speak for itself. Our success story speaks well for us. It is our goal to see that, you the moose hunter, will get the best that can be offered. Your success is our success.

Our south coast lodges are held in moose hunting areas that are accessible only by air. They are 40 to 60 miles to the southwest of the nearest highway. This is a very remote Newfoundland moose hunting area, there are no roads, no cabins, no hunting pressure. We have held moose hunting permits for these lakes for many years. The lakes we utilize have a proven history of success. The only hunters seen in these moose hunting areas are those hunting with the resorts that hold the Newfoundland Moose hunting permits for the moose hunting season.



On the lakes we utilize, our hunting lodges are set up for 4 to 6 persons, depending upon the lake. The lodges are fully furnished. The moose hunting lodges are of ample size, complete with washroom facilities, and showers. A good wood stove is installed for heat. We furnish all the utensils, propane cooking stove, Coleman lanterns, electricity, saws, food, and everything else it takes to make a good hunting camp. A completely furnished Newfoundland Moose hunting excursion.

Survey trips are run, weather hunting outfitterspermitting, at least once a week, usually mid-week. If you kill a moose we will transport it back to the meat market for processing. The moose transportation to the meat market is included in our moose hunting package plan. Processing is not included but is professionally available in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. They will process your moose to fit your needs and instructions, and will be frozen and readied for your transportation home.

If you decide to join us for one of the greatest moose hunting excursions on the North American Continent, you will experience the many thrills of such a wilderness trip. The helicopter / fly-in trip to your remote Canadian lake, the daily plans and conversations about the hunting, the frying of bacon and eggs over an early morning fire, the thrill of spotting a moose, and the jubilant return of hunters and guide with the prized Mighty Moose of the North. We look forward to the opportunity of having you as one of our moose hunters.

Newfoundland Moose Hunting at it's best . . Moose Hunting in Newfoundland will be an adventure you will remember for years to come.


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