big game hunting - caribou, bear and moose hunting in newfoundland
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Big Game Hunts
Big Game Hunting - Newfoundland, Canada!! ..
hunting outfitters Big Game Hunting in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada - Caribou, Black Bear, MooseOutfitters
big game hunting - Newfoundland, Canada
Big Game Hunting - Newfoundland, Canada - Ironbound Outfitters
big game hunting - Newfoundland, Canada

big game hunting Canada

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Big Game Hunting
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Big Game Hunting in Newfoundland, Canada involves three species; Canada moose, Woodland caribou, and Black bear.

The big game hunting trip you have dreamt about! Newfoundland
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Ironbound Outfitters has offered big game hunting in Newfoundland for 21 years. It is often reffered to has
"Hunters Paradise".

hunting outfittersThe name "Hunters Paradise" came from one of the first big game hunters to the area. A Nova Scotia hunter named Bobby Hunt. He was so pleased with the wide open big game hunting grounds and the vast number of animals he saw, he named it "Hunters Paradise". We are sure you will agree with Bobby.

Big Game Hunting - Moose & Caribou
The vast, wide open country on the east side of the lodge, gives you the very best of caribou country and the mountains and wooded valleys on the west and south side gives you access to excellent moose and black bear country. Our hunting lodge (built in 1997) is located in Sharon Valley. This area was never previously hunted and boast a 97% success for moose and 98% success for caribou.

Big Game Hunting - Season
The black powder and rifle season begins the second Saturday in September and through the second Saturday in December with the first six weeks usually the best big game hunting. After this the weather can turn bad with snow and heavy precipitation. However. the bow hunting season starts two weeks early (we have guides that specialize in bow hunting). We offer special prices for Caribou bow hunting at our base camp (no fly-in) and you have a 100% chance of getting a shot with a bow.

Getting to our Big Game Hunting Lodges
When you fly to Newfoundland for big game hunting, we recommend you fly to Deer Lake airport. We will meet you there and take you to our airbase. From there you will be transported to one of our big game hunting lodges via helicopter or float plane. If you wish to drive, we can send you a road map with the directions marked.

Big Game Hunting

Preparation of Big Game Trophy/Meat
Arrangements will be made to have
hunting outfittersyour meat and antlers properly prepared for transportation. We can arrange meat cutting, wrapping, packaging and freezing. The type of preparation is your choice.

Book your Big Game Hunt today
If you would like to join us for a week or two enjoyment, beautiful scenery, and Newfoundland big game hunting at its best, call and make your booking arrangements soon. We have a limited number of licenses and we operate on a first come first serve basis. We require a $500 deposit with your booking and prices maybe negotiable depending on size of your party.

If you want to bring your wife or a friend for a week sight seeing it will cost you $1000 US/week. Hope to see you soon at "Hunters Paradise"


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