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The Newfoundland hunting trip you have dreamt about!
P.O.Box 288, Pasadena, NL A0L 1K0
hunting outfitters
Robert Johnson
Jamestown, NY
Brian Emerson
Groveton, NH
Tommie Huckabee
Mike Zelli
Kings Park, NY
Jimmy Sites
Nashville, TN
Roger & Sharon Reese
Butternut, WI
715 762 4906
Steve Knudsen
Castle Rock, CO
Paul Svacek
Larry & Lois
Battle Mountain,
John Gonyer
Maidstone, VT
802 676 3409






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Brian Emerson - "The food was second to none, the girls did a great job. Thanks to everyone and, as usual, I'll be back."

Charlie Shumaker and Diane Hill - "From the time we stepped off the plane to the ride to the butcher to the pick up of our meat, our trip couldn't have been better! The hunting was spectacular as well as the guides and cooks".

Tommie Huckabee - (see letter)

Robert Johnson - "When your looking for a woodland caribou, moose, black bear or combination hunt, you will do no better than at Ironbound Outfitters."

Mike Zelli - "Thanks to Ironbound Outfitters for a great week of hunting, we'll get that big one next year."

Jimmy Sites - "From my guide to the cooks, every person at Ironbound Outfitters went the second mile to make my trip enjoyable and successful."

Steve Knudsen - "The guides and host at Ironbound Outfitters do their very best to make your stay as enjoyable as possible."

Larry and Lois Lacilladae - "The camp, the country side and the food were all well above expectations so far out here in the wilderness."

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