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Hunting Reports - Newfoundland, Canada!! ..
hunting outfitters Woodland Caribou Hunting in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Outfitters
Caribou hunting - Newfoundland, Canada
Caribou Hunting - Newfoundland, Canada - Ironbound Outfitters
Caribou hunting - Newfoundland, Canada

Caribou hunting Canada

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The caribou hunting trip you have dreamt about! Newfoundland
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hunting outfittersFourth consecutive year for these hunters.

John Gonyer and Fred Sullivan from Vermont and New Hampshire as hunted woodland caribou with Ironbound Outfitters each year since 2000. They always bring along at least one friend and sometimes two. Neither one of them has ever returned home without a decent stag. John, who is the oldest of the group, always seems to harvest the biggest bull at Ironbound camp each year. This year his trophy had huge double shovels. Is there any way to catch this guy, Fred?

Four hunters from New Hampshire on their first caribou hunt.

Todd Gavron and three of his friends from New Hampshire didn't know what to expect on their first woodland caribou hunting trip to Newfoundland. In 2004 the party drove to Newfoundland, Canada and hunted with Ironbound Outfitters. Although the weather was not much to be desired, the four managed to harvest four decent stags in just 1.5 days of hunting. It was the first big game animal ever killed by two of the hunters and "boy" they made hunting look easy.

Newfoundland Woodland Caribou scores #7 in the SCI record books.

Bob Johnson of Jamestown, New York will soon find himself in Safari International record books. His woodland caribou taken at Ironbound Outfitters in Newfoundland, Canada in August of 2003 scored #7 in the world taken with a bow. The official scorer indicated that there was a 2 percent deduction for velvet (the hunter wanted to keep the antlers in original form). Also six months of drying time surely cost points. If those factors at not played into the official score, this woodland caribou could have easily placed #3 or 4 in SCI. (click here for picture)

Two Hunters Two Days Two Caribou and One Moose.

Steve Knudsen and Mark Lewis from Colorado didn't have much luck with Newfoundland weather. Monday was their first day of hunting and it was a nice day. Mark decided to go moose hunting. By 10:30 AM he had shot a nice 10 point bull about a mile from the hunting lodge. Tuesday morning the fog rolled in and didn't lift until Thursday. On Thursday Steve and Mike both got two beautiful woodland caribou. Although it was a long week in camp, they both enjoyed their hunting trip especially after they got their trophies.

Mike Zelli, N.Y. - Black Bear - 2003


Moose Hunting - Newfoundland, Canadahunting outfitters

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