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hunting outfitters, NewfoundlandIronbound Outfitters have some of the highest big game hunting success rates among Newfoundland outfitters.
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  45" trophy like this could be YOURS!

Ironbound Outfitters
We are a small, family operated big game hunting outfitter in Newfoundland, Canada. We have been providing Newfoundland hunting and fishing packages to non-residents for tweny years. Our hunting lodges, with the exception of base camp, are all in remote areas of Newfoundland and are not accessible to local hunters or fishermen. We attempt to give our clients the best and most enjoyable Newfoundland hunting and wilderness experience obtainable. The pristine wilderness of the untouched North East is available here at Ironbound Outfitters.

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Because we consider your success our success, we are very selective in recruiting our hunting guides for moose and caribou hunting. Each year our Newfoundland hunting guides are recruited based on their knowledge of hunting, knowledge of the areas, and all around good sportsmanship. We select only those that are well trained in hunting, and Newfoundland wilderness expeditions. A "master hunting guide" (min. 20 yrs experience) is recruited for each of our locations. All our hunting guides work as a team to ensure your hunting success.

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For those of you that are looking for great, luxurious accommodations, that compromise hunting areas, we are sorry. Although our hunting lodges are new and considered above average among Newfoundland outfitters. We pride ourselves in providing some of the best Newfoundland hunting areas available in remote Newfoundland. For this reason, it is difficult and very costly to provide top quality accommodations. But we do provide very comfortable surroundings and we have never received a complaint about our facilities from our very welcomed guests. All of our Newfoundland hunting lodges are supplied with the following:

  • hot and cold running water
  • clean indoor washrooms
  • indoor toilet and showers
  • separate bedrooms
  • refrigeration
  • power plant (generator)
  • propane range and other cooking supplies
  • a well trained cook
  • mobile telephone
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Woodland caribou hunting

sportsmens package includes

  • helicopter transportation (for most hunters and some fishermen)
  • full course meals prepared by cook
  • guide service 1:1 hunting (if requested)
  • complete care and transportation of meat and hunting trophies
  • hunting license fees and tax
Items not included are butchering and hotel accommodations (if needed)


moose and caribou populations
If you already have the facts about Newfoundland hunting you may want to ignore this section. If not, you can read on to discover why Newfoundland is called the untouched North East and you'll be ready to book your Newfoundland hunting trip with Ironbound Outfitters. Newfoundland moose populations are estimated between 120,000 to 150,000 animals. Enough that approximately 30,000 are harvested annually and more moose per square mile than elsewhere in North America. The Newfoundland caribou herd is also very healthy. Approximately 90,000 strong, these animals flourish in the barren and tundra regions of Newfoundland and many world record trophies are taken here. Although the actual numbers of black bear is unknown, it is known that Newfoundland has some of the largest black bear in the world (700lb) and they are fairly abundant throughout Newfoundland hunting regions.

Newfoundland hunting has been considered for many years to be one of the most affordable hunting options in North America. We do our very best to keep Newfoundland hunting prices at reasonable levels so everyone can experience some of the best hunting available in today's economy.


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