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It was nice to return from an evening hunt and have a hot meal on the table waiting. Our meals consisted of spaghetti, beef and vegetable stew, barbecue chicken pork chops and delicious caribou roast. If there was anything we needed, we simply had to ask the outfitter and he would get it for us.
Ron Woodlin, PA

Woodland Caribou Hunting

Our hunting lodges, although remotely located, are fully equipped for light housekeeping, comfortably Sharon Valley Hunting Lodgeclean and pleasant, and well maintained for your comfort during your stay. Each is perfectly located in a pleasing environment, while hunting for some of the world's best trophy woodland caribou.– take your choice! The hunting lodges are outfitted to accommodate from four to six people, but arrangements can be made for an additional one or two guests if required.

Hunters have their own separate double occupancy bedrooms with close access to indoor washrooms with hot and cold running water. Showers are also provided for the convienience of our hunting guest. Arrrangements are made at the lodges for our hunting guest to eat their meals first. Followed by the guides and then the cook.

Meals are cooked Beaver Brook Hunting Lodgeby a professional cook and usually served hot upon your arrival in the evening. Packing lunches is normally the responsibility of the guides but hunters can pack their own. All of our fully-equipped hunting lodges have complete kitchens with deep freeze, stove, pots, pans, cutlery, dishes, toaster, and coffee maker. Each hunting lodge has a 3 piece bathroom. Bed linens, pillows and blankets are supplied. Guests should bring their own sleeping bags, towels, and toiletries.

Although our remoteness prevents us from offering the modern conveniences, such as electricity, all hunting lodges enjoy propane appliances, stoves and lighting (diesel generator). A quiet week without phones or the television blaring will restore any stressed out hunter. A mobile telephone is provided at each hunting lodge but reception is not always something to be desired.




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