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Woodland Caribou Hunting

Our main hunting lodge is located at Peter's Strides and is a fully equipped, permanent structure, constructed of lumber and plywood. Staff and guides have their own sleeping quarters adjacent to the kitchen, while the hunters sleep at the other end of the lodge. Approximately 30% of the hunts are conducted from this camp, with the use of vehicles. The area is gently rolling terrain and we are able to cover a large area outside of the site by vehicle. In addition, we have another main hunting lodge located in area 39 on the great northern peninsula. This hunting lodge is constructed of squared logs and nestled, lake side at Beaver Brook Pond (near Roddicton).

These camps are located in various areas along the south coast of Newfoundland and provide direct access to the LaPoile caribou herd. The hunts are conducted by boat or foot, according to the place you desire. Each camp is constructed of plywood and can accommodate up to six guests. They are equipped with wood stoves, cooking utensils, bunks and foam mattresses. Your hosts will be monitoring the herd in order to place you in the most productive area possible. PLEASE NOTE : The baggage is limited to a maximum of 65 LBS for personal gear into the camp. These camps are reached by helicopter or float plane from our main lodge at Peter's Stride.

Woodland caribou hunting lodges

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  Woodland Caribou Hunting