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Woodland Caribou Hunting

The guiding and outdoor skills of all our hunting guides are top notch, their courtesy and friendliness is unsurpassed while hunting woodland caribou in Newfoundland, Canada. Their knowledge of hunting in Newfoundland and the caribou hunting areas will compliment your trip. When spotting your game from long distances, you'll praise their talent for weeks to come.

Every year, hunters from around the world are lured to Appalachian due to its unsurpassed Hunting Guidesreputation for some of the finest trophy game animals in the North America and the excellent guide service we provide. Amidst the spectacular peaks of the appalachian mountains you'll be hunting a handsome range of big game including woodland caribou, eastern canada moose, black bear, and ptarmigan.

All hunting guides are experienced and are dedicated to making your trip a memorable experience. Fishing ( in season ) and bear or small game hunting is offered as a secondary activity, while moose hunting is another primary activity at the lodges. It will be the priority of the guides to fill the Woodland Caribou tags and do the caping and preparation of the meat first. When hunting you can expect to see woodland caribou within 15 - 250 yards. It is required by law that guns be 243 caliber or larger.

Our guiding staff is highly respected and are requested for many reasons.

* They come highly complimented as being very friendly and polite.
* They are well trained and good woodland caribou hunters themselves.
* They are professional & skilled in handling of meat even in the worst of conditions.
* The guides know our woodland caribou hunting areas.
* Our guiding staff are housed at our hunting lodges for the entire season, they know where the woodland caribou are.
* Our hunting guides are well trained, hard working outdoorsmen. They are solicited for their knowledge of the hunting areas, reputation of skilled hunters, and overall good sportsmen.
* They know about meat handling and storage and will assist our senior guides in caping.
* They know what to do in an emergency situation and are trained in First aid and self trained in wilderness survival.
* They clean and prepare the meat for pick-up by helicopter. But are not required to back pack any meat.



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  Woodland Caribou Hunting