If you are looking for a big game trophy, come and enjoy a big game hunt in area 45. This area is located near the tip of the Great Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland, and is well known for its big moose, black bear and woodland caribou.

Caines Adventure Outfitters is located at West River which is near the boundary of Moose Management Areas (MMA) 45 and 40. Moose was first introduced to the island of Newfoundland in the early 1900's. Today the province is home to the most dense population in North America.

Our lodge is accessible by boat or a fifteen minute walk. We have boats with outboard motors to take you to the hunting areas that are only accessible by boat. Our experienced guides and full time cook will take good care of you upon arrival at the lodge.

We also offer big game hunting for woodland caribou. Newfoundland is world renown for its large population of woodland caribou. Many record trophies by Pope and Young and Safari International has been taken on the island of Newfoundland. Caines Adventure Outfitters offer some of the best woodland caribou hunting in the Province. We also offer the grand slam hunt (moose, caribou and black bear) at competitive prices.

For further information on our lodge and accommodations visit our lodge section. For rates,bookings and other information please contact us by telephone or e-mail. Our rates include taxes and license.



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Caines Adventure Outfitters offers other outdoor adventures such as traditional Newfoundland cod jigging, whale watching, and site seeing. If you tag out early we have lots for you to do. Or you can book your standalone trip for any of our outdoor adventures.

Newfoundland was once home to some of the best cod fishing grounds in the world. However, as a precaution due to declining stocks, the Government of Canada placed a moratoriam on commercial cod fishing in 1992. A few years later a recreational cod fishery was introduced with huge success.

The Northern coast of Newfoundland is home to some of the largest icebergs ever seen south of the Arctic circle. We have boats available to take you upfront and center to these huge natural structures. Often sitting 4-5 stories above the surface of the ocean, these giant structures will certainly amaze you up close.

The world's largest population of humpback whales return each year to feed on capelin, krill, and squid along the coast. Another 21 species of whales and dolphins visit along with them including the minke, sperm, pothead, blue, and orca. There are plenty of whales to see along the coast of Newfoundland.

To find out more about our outdoor adventure opportunities e-mail us and we can supply our brochure.

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