For Sportfishing in Newfoundland's most prestine country-side contact Caines Adventure Outfitters. We will fulfill your dream of wilderness Sportfishing in a comfortable and quiet atmosphere at our newly aquired West Brook Lodge. Bring your friends and/or family to Northern Newfoundland for an adventure you will remember forever.

We suggest a minimum of eight foot rod designed for seven, eight, or nine floating lines. Six and eight pound test with tapered leaders will do. Reels should hold 100 yards of backing line plus your casting line. Spinning rod with eight or ten pound test should also be taken along. The types of wet flies that appeal most to Atlantic Salmon are: Rusty Rat, Blue Charm, Thunder & Lightning, Dusty Miller, Silver Tip, and Silver Grey tied on No. 4, 6, 8, 10, & 12 low water hooks. The dry flies that appeal most to Atlantic Salmon on West River are: White Wulff, Rat Faced McDougal, Orange Bug, and Brown Bomber. Also bring a good assortment of bugs & bombers in various sizes for trout. Local tied flies can be purchased at camp.

We also offer boat rentals and fishing equipment to outdoorsman that want to experience the wilderness alone or with family and friends. If you decide on a guided trip, we offer one guide for two fishermen.

If you require additional information please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to answer any of your questions.






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Caines Adventure Outfitters also offers ice fishing in Northern Newfoundland. You can come to the lodge and enjoy some incredible ice fishing in the winter months (January-March). There are many lakes located in close proximity to our West Brook Lodge. Snowmobile tours in some of Newfoundland's most remote, quiet and untouched wilderness can be combined with ice fishing and snowshoeing. To find out more about ice fishing or outdoor winter packages e-mail us and we can supply our brochure.

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