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You are required to provide proof of a hunter safety course or a copy of your licence where you hunted in your state or province. These documents must accompany your application.

Your clothing should consist of a good sleeping bag suitable for freezing temperatures. Since daily variations in temperatures are common in Newfoundland during big game hunting season, your clothing should include both light weight "layers" to be worn on colder days. A good pair of rubber boots about 15 inches high is a must while hunting in Newfoundland. Also, to keep as comfortable as possible during your big game hunt, a good suit of water proof clothing would be a great item to bring.

In addition to clothing, we suggest you bring a good set of binoculars capable of spotting big game at average distances and a camera to take photos of the scenery and your trophy. We also suggest a minimum 270 caliber rifle with lots of ammunition. The most common types of rifles are 270, 308, 30-06, and 7 mm.

*NOTE: In Newfoundand it is illegal to hunt on Sunday, therefore the duration of your hunt will be six days.

Want to HUNT trophy woodland caribou in combination with moose and black bear?

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