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Moose Hunting in Newfoundland, Canada.

We have 14 guaranteed moose tags for 2007 & 2008. 6 Combination Hunts left for 2007 going for $1000.00 off regular Rate.

The Eastern Canadian moose of Newfoundland was introduced to Gander Bay, NF in 1878 and to Howley, NF in 1904. The population estimates for moose in Newfoundland today is between 120,000 and 150,000 animals.

In North America the moose is the largest member of the deer family. An average Antler size for Newfoundland moose is 40 inches 15 points.

The area that we are about to hunt in 2007-2008 season has not had an outfitter quota until now and will produce some great trophy class animals.

The main diet of moose is aquatic plants however they have striven on browse and shrubs in Newfoundland.

On average an adult moose stands (1.5 - 1.8 m) (5 to 6 feet) high. Males weigh (850 to 1180 lbs.)(385 - 534 kg) and females (600 to 800 lbs)(270 - 362 kg).

Moose have a very keen sense of hearing and hunters must be very quiet and patient while hunting. The prime time for moose hunting is dusk and dawn. This is when they do most of their traveling. Moose are often spotted near a tree line adjacent to a small open bog.

Moose can swim as fast as two men paddling a canoe and run up to 56 mph on land.

Moose can live 20 years or more in the wild. Moose meat is delicious to eat. (The taste resembles beef.)

We offer packaging and shipping options for your meat, antlers and capes.

Mating season for moose is near the last of September to the last week October. This is the time that the bulls are most vulnerable and easier to hunt. During mating season, moose can be called within yards by our experienced hunting guide.

A minimum of a 243 caliber rifle is required for moose hunting in Newfoundland, but a minimum of 270 caliber is recommended. It is important to shoot for the vital areas of a moose since they are huge animals and don't always fall on the first shot.

It is recommended that moose hunters wear blaze orange while hunting in Newfoundland and Labrador. All our moose hunting guides in Newfoundland are moose hunters themselves. They give a 110% every day to help you capture your trophy animal.

We boast a new 1400 square foot lodge with all the amenities needed to make your trip a very comfortable one. We also have tent based camps for our more remote locations. If you are looking for a great moose hunt at a fantastic location then this is the place for you.


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