While hunting with Dean Crocker in September, we had hoped to see a few black bears and get enough footage and material for a television show and magazine feature article. We actually spotted 12 bears in less than four days and got most of them on film! We've hunted practically every species of game available in Newfoundland and Labrador, and this ranks as one of the most exciting hunts of them all. Dean Crocker proved not only to be a great guy with a friendly, easy-going personality, (and a great joke teller back at camp), but he's a real pro and quite serious when it comes to bear hunting. We call him "the bear man." He has a tremendous passion for the sport and for hunting in general. And yes, we got our bears and a great show out of it.
Gord Follett
Dwight Blackwood

Newfoundland Sportsman Show
Newfoundland Sportsman magazine
Phone for reference 1-709-754-3515

When my girlfriend and I booked a spring black bear hunt. Which was suppost to be a hunt of a lifetime with (Beaulieau's Caribou & Black Bear Trophy Hunt) We didn't know what to expect. Now that the hunt is over. We can not wait to go again. Dean Crooker and his staff are great people. They are very friendly and down to earth. The lodge is 4 stars and the meals are some where between gourmet and really great homecooking. The guides are outstanding . They really know what they're doing. They will do what it takes to get you your animal or at least get you a good shot. The rest is up to you. I was not lucky enough to harvest my bear because the bear did not present me with that broadside shot you need when hunting with a bow. With that said , My hunt of a life time, will hopefully be in 2009 again. We can't wait. Sonny Rousseau &
Nancy Shattuck
Warren, NH

William Salow
Mitchellville, Iowa
Buck Mcgarity
Greenville, South Carolina Opperations Manager
Carson's nut -Bolt & Tool Co.,Inc.
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Jesse Fiske
Waterford Pa.

Cecil Humphrey
New Canaan,
New Brunswick, Canada

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Jacques & Nancy Rousseau
Warren, New Hampshire
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