#5 woodland caribou in the worldNewfoundland, Canada
# 3 in the world taken with a bowBig Game Hunting Newfoundland, Canada


Caribou Hunting in Newfoundland, Canada.

We have a passion for hunting trophy caribou. We display a large collection of Trophy Woodland Caribou antlers, of which, over twenty qualify for the Boone & Crockett World Record Book. Many were harvested by the owner. # 5 in the world taken with a bowWe own four of the top ten heads in the world. We are official measurers and hold seminars on field judging in Las Vegas and Florida. We have been enjoying a 95% success rate and usually over 1/2 of our hunters qualify for the Boone & Crockett Record Book and the vast majority of our hunters qualify for the Safari Club Record Book. A hunter requires a rack to be 265 in order to eligible for Boone & Crockett (we averaged 256 BC in 1998, 1999 and 2000}. They require a score of 260 to be eligible for the Safari Club (we averaged 263 SCI in 1998, 1999 and 2000. We provide clean, mobile tent sites. A typical site includes three wall tents. One for the hunters, one for the guides and a cooking tent. We have army cots, propane, mattresses, woodstoves etc. We also provide equipment which includes canoes, boats, outboards, ATV`s, etc. Our talented and experienced guides will offer all the help which you may need in order to get your Record Book Woodland Caribou. We also have a full time cook at our main hunting camp....


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Beaulieus Caribou HuntsBig Game Hunting in Newfoundland, Canada